Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ready to tie the knot?

Thinking of getting married?

Not sure if he/she is the one?

What questions should you be asking?

Here's my check list:

1. Do you fancy him/her?

Quick test - if anyone was to text you now who would you most want it to be? Be honest with yourself and if it is not him/her call off the wedding.

2. Do you like him/her?

Odd question but it is amazing how many couples actively loath each other despite the sexual chemistry. Imagine you are at a dinner party and he/she is retelling a tale you have heard many times before. How do you feel? Slightly bored is OK but ready to decapitate him/her is not. The best response is fond amusement and attentive listening but you're probably a saint if this is your reaction.

3. Do you make each other laugh or at least smile?

A shared sense of humour goes a long way to easing life's scary moments. If his/her jokes make you cringe already beware, you will become more and more exasperated as you hear the same old puns.

4. Are your finances in line?

If one of you is extravagant and the other is a saver there will be trouble ahead.

5. Why do you think he/she is marrying you?

Is it love? Or is it your bank balance/body/fame....? Fill in the gap which fits your profile, deep down you will know...... Have you found an e mail she sent to a friend saying she has hit the jackpot? Have you heard him tell his mother that you will get pregnant and leave work in 12 months?

6. Can you at least tolerate each other's friends and family?

If you hate his/her friends life will be hard, if you hate his/her family life will be harder!!!!

7. Do you both have the same attitude towards having children?

8. As above but substitute pets for children.

This is a big clue, if he/she hates your cat/dog the competition will become unbearable.

9. Can you communicate?

Do you tell each other what you want? Do you look forward to hearing about each other's day? Do you have to read between the lines....... My boyfriend and I are going to a 60th Birthday party tonight. I have shown him my dress which is full length. He has now called me to tell me that I will look out of place in a long dress and that I should wear a mini skirt!!!! He is obviously nuts if he thinks I will fall for that one and he will be very disappointed with my wedding dress if we should ever marry!!!!!!!!!!!

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