Monday, August 20, 2007

Dating Help for Women

This has been a tough one to research.

Many dating web sites seem to be full of attractive single women looking for love and not so attractive men looking for...... best to term it a more casual relationship.

I have not looked at any of the match making agencies who ask you for a month's salary to find you the man of your dreams because I don't have any real life success stories to report.

There are lots of frogs out there waiting to kiss you. If looking for your prince ask yourself:

1. Am I over my ex?

2. Do I like my life?

3. Do I like the way I look?

4. Am I fun to be with?

If the answer to any of the above is no put your search on hold and visit Christian Carter's website.

He is long winded and a bit of a preacher but he gives out some helpful advice on how to make a man attracted to you...... and how to make that attraction grow.....apparently that is the secret to success with men.........

Where to meet men?

Unless you want to end up with a player it is best to avoid clubs and bars. I was sitting in a bar in Surrey with 4 single friends on Friday night lamenting the fact that they would never meet an eligible man there as it was full of unattractive married men and............ in walked Hugh Grant!!!!!!

I love it when am gloriously wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Dating help for men

If you have come through a divorce and are looking for a new love then this website may help build your confidence and approach women. It is always more difficult for men, generally they are expected to make the first move, despite female emancipation.

If you have been in a long term relationship it can be overwhelming to start dating again, it's all about confidence, which, if you have just been dumped can be shot to pieces.

This website is created by entrepreneur Eben Pagan (probably not his real name either) under the pen name of David De Angelo

I have done the link to my favourite page, which describes the 8 different male personality types and how women react to them. I have not ordered the e book so can't recommend it, but I think the information given on the website is insightful. However, he has missed out on the best chat up line ever.............the subject of another post.........

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!