Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to tell if your ex is jealous

What happens when your ex tries to cause trouble?

Lots of people in this world are jealous - it is obvious to everyone except them!

Here are some examples of jealous behaviour:

Following your ex or his/her new partner

Calling your ex's new partner

Hitting your ex or his/her new partner

Continually criticising your ex

Trying to make other people dislike your ex

Gossiping about your ex or his/her new partner

Criticising your ex's new partner to your ex

Getting your children to spy on your ex

Breaking into your ex's home

Using your children as a way to maintain acrimony with your ex

If you tick yes to 3 or more of the above then you need to change your behaviour and try to get over your ex!!!!!


Ross said...

I think breaking into your ex's home consitutes as more than being jealous! That's burglar territory!

rayan said...

i think jealousy is normal your ex because some time better option and better chance you can not get next time that make jealous with your new one. you should have proper Divorce advice related to this which help you along with this your ex and present.


Sample Resumes said...

Generally it happens, your ex tries to cause trouble, but I think you should be healthy, happy with yourself. Focus on the things that really matter and you will be fine.

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Mark said...

I agree with Ross - breaking in...burglary! I found that a good way of getting 'closure' was to begin making a Will afresh. Writing a Will that excludes your ex i think helps you to move on at least it did for me.