Friday, December 11, 2009

How to relieve the stress of divorce

For some people the stress of going through a divorce can be overwhelming.

There are lots of relaxation and stress relieving techniques and my favourite two are as follows:-

1. Breathe

Concentrating on your breathing has an amazing calming effect. Breathe in for 7 seconds. breathe out for 8 seconds and repeat this 4 times and you have concentrated on your breathing for one minute. Your racing mind will have slowed down.

Getting into the habit of breathing deeply helps you switch off. Doing this twice daily really can help.

2. Picture your perfect day
This form of visualisation is fun and helps to draw you out of your worries.

Imagine where you would wake up? What country are you in? Who are you with? George Clooney? The key to the success of this form of visualisation is to add the detail. Imagine the colours, what you are wearing, what the weather is like ,what it sounds like. Are you by the ocean or skiing perhaps? Have you just cashed in your winning lottery ticket?

Whatever your dream it's your perfect day and this provides an escape where you can return to every time you need to relax.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

What are you doing for Christmas?

I have changed my blog back to black because I like it! Despite what all the marketing gurus say!

I am sorry I have not been blogging. I have not had much spare time this year due to my gorgeous son and still working full time. He wants a balloon for Christmas and I am going to get him a year's supply. If only everything could be that simple.

All children should be excitedly anticipating Christmas!!!!

The tug of love over Christmas continues in many divorced families. This is probably the most important day in a child's Calendar - we can all remember our early Christmases- hopefully they are special memories.

It is not too late to make a Specific Application to Court if necessary.

Each family has their own tradition and children need to feel secure, loved and wanted.

All too often agreements are breached - letting dad have the kids next year feels far enough away but as the time draws near then excuses start to materialise.

Getting two sets of presents does not make up for mum and dad not being together. Feeling torn between your parents is not a good Christmas spirit.