Friday, November 03, 2006

How much money will Heather Mills get?

Ready to place your bets?

It looks like the fight of the century is going all the way to a final hearing. Given the assets involved the legal costs are a mere puff to the battling McCartneys, so the chances of a settlement look a long way off. The only way to settle is to stop playing the game and both the McCartneys appear determined to finish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, what will Miss Mills get?

How about £38,000,000 ? She is 38 after all.

What about £64,000,000 ? He is 64 and very, very rich.


The Judge will have a very wide discretion and can take all the factors of the case into account, based upon certain guidelines which do not include behaviour alleged in a divorce petition. Unless that behaviour is so severe it would be unfair to ignore it. For example, a man shoots his wife and she cannot work again. She needs compensating from capital plus he can't pay her any maintenance because he is now in prison!!!!!!!!!!!

So what is the point of Miss Mills defending her divorce? We're back to winning that fight again.



The aim would be to let each party retain the assets they brought to the marriage and divide the assets acquired during the marriage on an equal basis. However, if one party's contribution produces that growth then there should be a departure in their favour.

The length of the marriage is an inarguable fact, less than 5 years.


If one party's ability and contribution to the finances is outstanding there should be a departure in their favour.

Paul McCartney is recognised globally as a phenomenal musician.


The Courts are required to consider a clean break, in other words make the parties financially independent of each other. There is sufficient capital in the pot to settle any potential maintenance claim that Miss Mills may have.


Children have a right to share the living standards of their parents. The needs of the child are the first consideration. The Court will want to ensure a similar standard of living in both households. Helicopter each then. Normally I would add that a private education would be included but Paul McCartney chose to educate his other children via the state system. An important choice given his wallet. Maybe he will change his mind on that one considering the state of our education system!!!!!!!!!!

To be continued.....................

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