Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gone off your mate?

Often people say that they have just fallen out of love. How did that happen then? Wake up one day and think "What on earth am I doing with that?". Probably not, if your relationship is an established one then the wearing out of attraction can be so gradual you don't even notice until it's gone completely . How is that possible? Little bit by little bit you ease away from your partner, those little differences that attracted you now bore or irritate you.

I saw an ex boyfriend recently whom I had not seen for 6 months. Your hair is blonder he said. I had not noticed, it was the gradual work of my very blond hairdresser. I am pictured above on Saturday night in the middle of 2 of my blond friends and I have indeed unknowingly joined their ranks. This is how you can go off your mate without even noticing.........

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Anonymous said...

My mate went off me after 37 years
We had reached our golden times, made a list of what we wanted to do, then I overheard the fateful phone call. Life exploded! I have been through the questions 'what was wrong with me? etc. Answer - nothing. He is the one with the problems. I will survive and value myself more, not be so ready to give in and live MY life.