Tuesday, August 26, 2008

When is it too late to reconcile?

When the feeling's gone!
One of my ex boyfriend's sent me this shot of him out enjoying himself with 3 rather drunk or tired looking companions and I still think he's gorgeous but we broke up more than 8 years ago! Somewhat strangely 2 other exes from over 10 years ago have also contacted me recently. Is it the credit crunch - is it causing everyone to break up and look back with nostalgia?
Some people do reconcile successfully - a current celebrity example is Nicolette Sheridan and Michael Bolton - but most people just make a mess of it all over again.
If you are thinking of trying to turn the clock back consider this:
1. Why did you initially split? Were there valid reasons?
2. What's changed?
3. Do you actively miss the person or are you just going through a barren patch on the dating front?
4. Are you over him/her or has that candle always been burning?
5. Have you loved anyone else more since?
6. Are you just flattered at the interest?
7. Are you hoping to play it safe? - better the devil you know type thing....
Whatever you decide remember that dating should be fun and exciting - he/she should add some dazzle to your smile and if it's boring - time to move on!!!
Sorry I have not been blogging recently - I have been all over the place - literally.


Pamela said...

Excellent post! You would not believe all of the people I've spoken to who could really benefit from these simple steps. Love is tricky, and its hard to let go of, whether it ended or not.
Great blog!

Mr Pineapples said...

how were you with the chinese cooking?