Friday, March 19, 2010

How to stop your wife getting everything

The results of getting divorced can be very unfair. Some people are unconcerned and simply move on - some go to extremes - burn it down before she gets hold of it is a phrase we have all heard. Some would say poetic justice fell on Mr Flood who died in the attempt to burn his house down to prevent the chance of his separated wife getting it.

Getting divorced is not an easy option. Aswell as the emotional turmoil there is the financial uncertainty and potential fear of the future. Many people act irrationally during their separation but it is important to obtain advice as to the implications of your actions and the often unforseen consequences. Some people simply don't care - but for those that do careful planning can make all the difference.

There is hope that soon Pre-Nuptial Agreements will be given more legal weight. This would bring our legal system into line with the rest of the world. For now the advice is - they are not compelling but they are a factor that will be taken into account and it is better to have one than not have one!

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