Wednesday, May 05, 2010

What Makes a Good Dad?

A good Dad has these qualities:-

1. Kind.
2. Compassionate.
3. Provider.
4. Educator.
5. Role model.
6. Fairminded.
7. Available.
8. Patient.
9. Loving.
10. Respectful.

What Makes a Fantastic Dad?

1. Courageous.
2. Team builder.
3. Empathetic.
4. Fun.
5. Sporty.
6. Adventurous.
7. Non-judgemental.
8. Forgiving.
9. Relaxed.
10. Accomplished.

How many boxes do you tick?

Everyone should love and respect their own Dad to the extent that they consider he is accomplished at all of the above.

Being a Parent is the most important role anyone can ever have. Achieving it with style and grace is the best memory to leave when you are gone.

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