Friday, June 25, 2010

Beckhams to divorce?

Are the rumours true? the Daily Mail has made the most of this story.

Often celebrity couples deny rumours... and then separate a few months later.

The Beckham split or non-split story has been around for a number of years.

I have never heard rumours that the Queen and Prince Philip are going to divorce but there were lots about Charles and Diana.

It is often the people you least expect who decide to separate.. giving an outward appearance of harmony and then shocking their acquaintances, for example, Chris Hulme.

Everyone who gets divorced receives unwanted notice, comments and attention. It is acceptable to tell over-inquisitive people that you do not want to talk about it!! However, maintaining a dignified silence may be hard when you want the world to know how awful your spouse has been. Remember that some people feed off other's misery.

Finally, if you are still talking about your divorce 2 years later then it is probably wise to think about getting some counselling...

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