Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rise in numbers of women killed in domestic violence

101 women were killed by their partners or ex partners last year according to The Guardian

The article is interesting asking why people stay in abusive relationships... the stark truth is fear, women and children are most at risk at the point of leaving.

Unfortunately wife beaters don't have a tattoo on their forehead... maybe they should. Maybe this would be a cheaper and more effective punishment than prison. Use semi permanent make up so that it only lasts 3 to 5 years.

Women become involved with abusers who are initially charming and caring until there is a catalyst for change.

What of the children who witness this abuse? The Government is trying to focus on the problem. Trying to help victims can be frustrating when they go back to the abuser time and again. Trying to stop the cycle of abuse is the challenge. It is so hard to help people. I knew someone 20 years ago who was so badly beaten up by her husband, broken jaw and teeth knocked out that she told the hospital she had been in a car accident. I heard recently that she is still with her husband.

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