Friday, March 30, 2012

Contribution argument succeeds in Gay divorce

The Court of Appeal has ruled on the case of Pete and Don - a wealthy city chap and a fabulous West End actor.  Having lived together for 11 years, the Court took account of the pre marital cohabitation - sorry pre Civil Partnership Cohabitation, which removed the divorce from the short marriage list.  This is the norm now.  

Bizarrely, if you cohabit for 20 years and marry for 12 months you are probably going to have to half your assets with your ex, even if they contributed nothing financially.  If you cohabit for 20 years and split and keep all assets in your name and your ex makes no financial contribution you will pay your ex nothing.  It's not difficult to workout why marriage is a less popular choice these days Mr Cameron.

The Court of Appeal have ruled that the Judge in the lower court was wrong not to give sufficient weight to the pre marital contribution made by City High-Flyer Peter Lawrence.  His ex partner Don Gallagher, a famous West End star, will receive £300,000.00 less as a result.

The case was reported in The Independent

Mr Lawrence said: "The case was not in fact about the principles of civil partnership, which are the same as on divorce, but about how to divide assets which were largely brought into the relationship by one party."

Hmm wonder what Mr Gallagher's view is on that...

The Judges said it was fair... Do you agree or no?  A catch phrase used by an Italian I used to know to browbeat people into submission... 

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