Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Is it worth fighting on twitter?

The latest high profile divorce to hit the headlines concerns a twitter spat between Ben Goldsmith and Emma Rothschild. My summary is that she has moved on to an exciting new relationship and he is angry. Fairly normal scenario.  Slightly unusual though to argue via twitter but tis a sign of the times.
Imagine retweeting their posts! Very voyeuristic. Slightly more interesting than the normal weather/ food you have eaten today update though.

The saddest show to watch is that of the rejected one desperate to make everyone else hate their ex including their ex's family! School playground tactics trying to get a gang together. Such behaviour normally backfires as you will be the one left spending weekends with people you barely like whilst your ex is off having fun.

Break ups are great for helping you find your true friends and getting rid of hangers on. Once you have an acrimonious split you will know who your true friends are and you will be bound to them for life. People who simply love you as a friend and provide fantastic support when you need it most. 

Divorce often results in a lot more changes than leaving your ex....

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