Monday, November 11, 2013

Not Bad Enough to Leave, Not Good Enough to Stay?

Some people live in relationship limboland for years. They can't decide whether to leave or stay. Their relationship is tired, they may argue, they may live separate lives, however they avoid change. Why?

Reasons people stay in relationships that are not working:

1. Fear of change.

2. Fear of loneliness.

3. Fear of the unknown.

4. Loss - of money, family, friends and social life and the life that they know.

Reasons people don't try to improve relationships that are not working:

1. Anger

2. Resentment

3. Laziness

4. Pessimism

5. Fear of change

There is a report in The Telegraph that states that divorce and separation costs the country £50 billion per annum. There is a suggestion that the government should set up a national relationship strategy, what ever that means.

In order to save money and potentially help people make an informed choice I suggest the following:

1. Make divorce easy and remove the seven step antiquated procedure and instead offer divorce on the ground that one party wants to divorce.

2. Make every couple attend one session with a relate counselor before filing the petition. Free to everyone.

Counselors do not tell people what to do, they do not tell people to leave, they do not tell people to stay in unhappy relationships. A good counselor will help people uncover whether their relationship is worth saving or whether it is over.

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