Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Happy With Your Christmas Presents?

Dissatisfaction with their Christmas dressing gown which is two sizes too small may make many women long for a more romantic relationship. Alternatively being given a list of exactly what to buy and where may make many men long for the freedom to go out and choose that green velour dressing gown gift for someone new.

Remember when you used to wear unsuitable gifts from your loved one because, well, you loved him/her? Now you feel rage because you mentioned once that you liked Jamie Oliver and now you have the predictability of one of his books every Christmas. What you meant was that he was good looking, you actually hate cooking.

This and many other dissatisfactions which surface over the Christmas break make people contemplate divorce. Contemplate, consider, ponder, dream, wish, visit a solicitor, many people go through mental gymnastics at this time of year but frequently don't know whether they really do want to divorce.

Here's a little test for these people, and it works no matter how rich you are, because nobody wants to reduce their standard of living and it is the unexpected bonus which is the key.

Imagine you win £80 million pounds on the European lottery. Do you :

a) Tell your partner and plan to use the money to sort out your problems together.

b) Tell your partner and let him/her have half.

c) Don't tell your partner.

Your first answer is the true one. If it's a, work on your marriage, if it's b or c at least you now know what you have to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Orhan Kahn said...

I wouldn't tell my partner for a while. I would just annoymously cash the winning ticket and sit on the account until I see my partners true colours. I believe everyone has an 'evil' and I need to see yours before I can trust you. Especially with my cash! I would just hope I'm not married, because then half that money is hers :(