Friday, May 18, 2007

The Myths of Divorce

I am grateful to Orhan Khan for pointing out the following link:


It is written by Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, and whilst some of the myths have not made it across the pond, ie that more divorces are filed by men then women, it still makes interesting reading for anyone contemplating taking the plunge.

My own list:

1. A divorce will solve my problems.

It will not, it will simply change the dimensions, it will provide relief of perhaps your most pressing concerns but it will not sort your life out. The same as losing 2 stone will not make you happy and popular, the job of fixing your life is still yours.

2. My ex husband will have to be responsible now.

Men do not change. If he was late for dinner before, he will be late for picking the kids up after. If the bills were left unpaid before, then expect a problem getting child support out of him now.

3. My ex wife will stop wasting all her money on shoes and clothes now she hasn't got me to pay for it.

Are you mad, women live to shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Everyone will agree that he/she deserved it and I should have left him/her years ago.

They will not. There is nowt so strange as folk. Your best friend may take his/her side. It really is a time to discover who your true friends are. And as for those friends who try to date your ex........... opinion not suitable for this blog.....but you know who you are............

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