Monday, November 26, 2007

Can a holiday together save your marriage?

Probably not!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Going away together and being forced to spend all day and night in each others' company can be the final sign that divorce is afoot.

Danger signals:

1. Not wanting to even talk to your partner - eating dinner in silence or worse reading a book!

2. Not wanting to be affectionate or intimate with your partner.

3. An over enthusiasm to meet new people to avoid time alone together.

4. Rows, followed by a period of ignoring each other more rows followed by.....

5. Counting down the days until you get home.

6. Only going because it is already booked and you don't want to waste the money.

7. Checking in late at the airport hoping you will be allocated seats apart.

A lot of relationships stumble on because people manage to live separate lives and the loneliness of their situation is not thrown into the spotlight. Being forced to spend time together highlights the barren waste of many relationships and makes people realise that they cannot tolerate half living any longer.

The unfortunate reality for most people in this situation is that by the time they realise the problem is serious it is too late for them to be able to retrieve the relationship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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