Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy with your Valentine?

Today is one of those days when many people, usually women, decide that they have reached the last straw in their relationship. It is particularly poignant because they can normally recall early Valentine's days in their relationship when their partner made a superlative effort to demonstrate his love. Now the day is probably ignored.

This is the first Valentine my boyfriend and I have shared. We went out for lunch and afterwards I followed in my car and we went over a toll bridge. When I came to pay, the attendant told me that the man in front had already paid and that he loved me. How clever. A fantastic Valentine, which cost 50 pence!

Valentine's day is a good measure of the strength of your relationship. If you feel rejected and ignored, or don't even care whether you receive a love token or not, then perhaps it's time to move on. It is a particularly sad day for those in the middle of divorce proceedings and is best regarded as a signpost on the road to singledom and recovery. When you're in the middle of a painful relationship breakdown, it is not helpful for other people to speculate that next year you may well have met someone else. However, most people do manage the transition from despair and loneliness to a brighter future with a new partner. I therefore wish you a Happy Valentine's 2009!!!!!!

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