Monday, January 21, 2008

Childhood keepsakes

When you feel dreadful and stressed remembering jems that your children said can make you laugh and feel great. It is a good idea to keep a memory book - very American and organised but so wonderful to look back on in decades to come:

Here are a few entries I have made for my 5 year old son this week:

On talking to his granddad on the phone:
"I am having shepherd's pie for dinner. Do you know how you make shepherd's pie? Well you take real shepherds, kill them, cook them and then sell them in a shop called Tescos".

When I asked him to lift the loo seat when going to the toilet:
"Don't worry mum, my willie can stretch over it!"

When one of my friend's asked him how long he had had a hole in his school trousers:
"Fifty years!"

"Fifty years, you're only 5!"

"Yes, but I have been 4 for a very long time!"

It can be very easy to slide into bitterness and despair when going through a divorce. Feelings of resentment and waste can overwhelm. It can also feel impossible to communicate with your children. Start a project together:

1. 1000 piece jigsaw
2. Patchwork quilt
3. Research family history
4. Create a photo album
5. Start a football team
6. Teach them to swim/ride a bike/ice skate/fish

If all else fails go to the movies! Most children love it including teenagers!


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Nicey said...

Cheers there some good in here !

Anonymous said...

Antonio - Thank you so much for your kind words! I have been unable to access my blog since 23rd January as my goggle account was not recognised! Happy Valentines!

AntonioFWW said...

No problem. I think what you are doing is great. More women like you need to post their stories on line to other women will know that they are not alone.

Keep up the good work,