Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's so easy to fall in love!!!

Oh no there is a general feeling of despair created by the collapse of the global economy. And it is January! Plus it is very cold and the news is focused on the war in Gaza.

How to be positive? The best cure is to fall in love then see what a positive spin you put on things.

It's minus 6 outside -good it will kill off the over population of rats.

No money. Well you want to stay in and be in a cocoon with your loved one anyway.

It's January -which means that Valentine's Day is looming!!!!

How to fall in love?

That's easy - all you need to do is find your soulmate!

How do you do that?

I think you need to be massively attracted to someone on a physical level which is fueled by a similar mental attitude and cemented by the same sense of humour. It is called chemistry. You know you are in love when you fancy someone more that anyone else you have ever met and he/she makes you laugh out loud. Some people spend their whole life searching for that special someone. Are they just extra fussy?

Life is miserable for all sorts of reasons for many people right now - if you are going through a divorce and separation then the sense of loss, failure and anxiety can be overwhelming. I am convinced that whatever crisis you are facing in your personal relationship it is possible to recover and be happier once you are through the practical side of the breakup. The key is to want to be happy - so many people don't - they are labelled as bitter and are to be avoided at all costs!!!

I was going to post a picture of my gorgeous boyfriend whom I adore but this one is funnier as the guy in the background is picking his nose!!!!!!!!!!!

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