Saturday, August 21, 2010

So that's why you want a divorce!

The Daily Mail reports that "ambivalence may be the reason many people divorce. The article states that people cannot cope with conflicting emotions - one minute they think their partner is perfect and the next they hate them and can't stand the sight of them. The solution they suggest is to work through these emotions - which will pass and accept your partner and relationship and expect matters to improve.

Sounds a bit daft to me. When you get to the stage where you hate the other person coming through the door at night, seems mighty unlikely that that emotion will simply pass. A lot of people try to weather the storm and, by the time they leave the relationship, sometimes years after, they could not bear the sight of their partner!! The relationship is virtually irretrievable. It is also not good for children to live in an atmosphere of resentment and dislike. I know some people who are waiting for their spouse to die. How sad is that? I know one woman who died first! How even sadder is that?

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