Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Divorced women over 40 - on the slagheap

According to The Guardian women over 40 should give up on online dating. Men are looking for younger models and will not be interested unless they are considerably older. Maybe those contemplating divorce should be given this bleak warning... If you kick him out don't expect anything better and be prepared to take on a man 20 years older.  The delightful prospect of caring for someone in their declining years comes into focus if you are a woman 50 plus.

Online dating is a beauty parade.  Anyone who pretends it isn't is wasting their money.

What are men looking for:

Good looking, slim younger women who have no baggage.

What are women looking for:

Good looking men who are of a similar age.

Does anyone go on online dating and deliberately select someone who is ugly?

What about people who post photos 10 years out of date?

Photos of their friend?

Lie about their age?

Lie about their income?

Lie about their job?

Lie about their marital status?

In other words the world is full of frogs pretending to be Princes.

If you are a Princess keep searching and reject the rejects.  If you are not then... maybe lower your sights.

Online dating is an exchange - work out your level, be prepared to be rejected, or give up and try meeting people the old fashioned way.

There are lots of people out there who have given up on dating.  What they are looking for does not exist. Before getting into the arena work out what you have got to offer.  What do you want from a relationship? Some people are looking for love, some companionship, some sex, some money, some simply wish to escape from loneliness.

My advice to all those women with baggage - use your circumstances to weed out all the unsuitable men at an early stage. Scared your kids will scare him off?   He was not looking for a loving relationship and probably never will be....


Qamar Solicitors said...

This is intrue, yes they might need a little more help with confidence but there definately not on the slagheap

Tulsa Divorce Attorneys said...

It's sad, but in all frankness I think there is a great deal of truth to the results of The Guardian's study.

Tulsa Divorce Attorney Matt Ingham said...

This is going to sound awful, but I typically tell my clients who are over the age of 45 that they are too old to divorce. At their age, the clients and their spouses often times have built so much of their lives together.