Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Still wondering if it's worth having a pre nuptial agreement?

Let this be a lesson to you.

Britain's biggest divorce payout has been reported in The Guardian The divorce of Russian Oligarch Boris Berezovsky resulted in a payout to his ex wife estimated to be in excess of  £100 million.

They did not have a pre nuptial agreement....


Divorce Blogger said...

Many couples avoid prenuptial agreements as they think that they're unromantic. Others are simply unaware of their existence.

Nevertheless, knowing that an agreement is in place when going through a divorce can provide an individual with peace of mind this can significantly 'soften' what is often an extremely stressful process.

I am certain that Berezovsky would not have agreed to a quick divorce and such a substantial settlement if a prenup had been in place.

Tulsa Divorce Attorneys said...

When one of the spouses is very wealthy, marrying without a pre-nup is foolish in my opinion. But then again, love makes fools out of all of us :)

Tulsa Divorce Attorney Matt Ingham said...

Prenup! Prenup! Prenup!