Monday, February 19, 2007

How much will my divorce cost?

The first question people ask is:

What am I entitled to?

The second question is:

How much will it cost?

The answer is sometimes in your own hands.

If you want a big fight and to use your solicitor as a counsellor, then a lot. Unfortunately, it could be that your soon to be ex spouse is behaving unreasonably and your costs are increased accordingly.

We then move on to the third question people should ask but often forget:

Is it a fight worth winning?

Take Heather Mills according to the
Daily Mail

She has had to sell a cottage and has dipped into overdraft. I would guess that that is fairly low risk for her bank manager!!!!!!!!!!!

The next question is:

How can I fund it?

There are various options:

Legal aid, bank loan, loan from relatives, credit cards, sell personal possessions such as engagement ring, loan from your solicitor against the expected payout.

If none of these avenues are open to you, you could even make an application to the Court to make your spouse pay your on going legal costs, this is normally only open to the spouses of wealthy individuals who have no assets in their name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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