Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Will you marry me?

This is the day to do it. If you have been thinking about popping the question make it an extra romantic Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!!!

However, if either of you have assets, or children from a previous relationship, follow it through with question number 2 and it's probably best to use the assumptive close:

"Of course we need a pre nup - don't you agree darling?"

A prenuptial agreement has more chance of being considered by a judge if it is completed in good time, covers all aspects of the couple's finances and is made following full financial disclosure (this means that you tell each other about all your assets and debts - it is amazing how many people enter into marriage without revealing their true finances!). It is also important that both parties receive independent legal advice.

The agreement should only deal with financial arrangements. You cannot make a sexual contract. Marriage itself requires consummation (at least once) and non participation is grounds for annulment but that is the subject of another post. There is a hilarious case about an air steward, a rich Scandinavian business man, the gift of a flat and domination. Basically the contract was rendered void because it is against public policy to endorse a legal contract for sexual favours!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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