Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just how bad is the CSA?

In one example I know the father's salary has increased by over £100,000.00 since the original assessment but the mother is still receiving the same original amount. The CSA wrote to her in January stating that they have reassessed what the father should pay and guess what? It's the same figure he was assessed at 3 years earlier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do they work that out then? They have written to him, they have written to her, they have produced a new 5 page statement and sent it to both of them. Time is being spent and costs are being incurred but what are they doing apart from wasting taxpayer's money????????????????

In another example the father is an ex city dealer. He claimed to the CSA that he was unemployed so the mother received a nil assessment. Five years later the father tells her that he cannot see the child because of work commitments. The mother has repeatedly rung the CSA and told them that he is regularly seen going out suited and booted, she thinks he is on PAYE so there must be tax records, but still she has a zero assessment. The CSA's advice to her:


The situation already appears to be in meltdown. The staff now seem to be advising parents to complain about them, one way of getting a file out of your in tray and into someone else's I suppose, but if widespread it is an appalling indictment of this Government's ability to run an administrative function.

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