Friday, April 16, 2010

Feel like running away?

A solicitor was struck off last month for committing mortgage fraud. Unsurprisingly he was not at the hearing because he has disappeared with £8 million!!! Obviously planned his escape and has probably used some of the cash for plastic surgery to change his look. I imagine he will get caught because he won't be able to resist flashing his cash, unless of course he is in a cave in Afghanistan. When do people turn to crime? Was that his dream when he was a 7 year old?

What about people who get divorced? No doubt the end of their dreams and the change in their future makes a lot of people feel like giving up. The stress can become unbearable and make some want to run away. But where to? I fancy France myself. However running away does not solve the problem it merely gives you a whole new, perhaps worse, set of dilemmas.

Instead of running away try changing something small. Relax into the stress and allow matters to take their course. Control what you can control. If you always jog every day - stop and eat a packet of crisps instead. If you never do any exercise get up an hour earlier and go jogging -don't put it in the too hard box do it - start slowly and change the pace, have walking periods, both to ensure you don't overdo it and because variety increases the impact on fitness and weight loss. Do it at 5 30am so no one sees you if you are embarrassed. See easy.

Watch Ruthless People -Bette Midler's role is inspiring and Danny Devito is hilarious.

What else can't you do? Make a list. Everything can go on it apart from - I can't cope.

Work through the list and tackle each one in turn, take the next small step to get to each goal and you will feel great. Powerful, independent, capable and excited. Each day will present exciting opportunities to meet new people.

Divorce? What Divorce? Change your focus and you will forget all about it!!!!!!!!!

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