Thursday, April 22, 2010

What to do when your partner has been unfaithful?

Finding out you partner has been unfaithful can be traumatic.

There are 3 choices:

1. Ignore it

(more popular than you think)

2. Lament about it

3. Deal with it

The third option can be broken down into:

a. End the relationship

If this is not your choice but is forced upon you by your partner you may end up in 2 above above.

b. Stay together but make the other person suffer and yourself miserable.

Eventually your partner may get tired of the dog house and again you will end up in 2 above.

c. Forgive your partner and move on together.

This is the most difficult option and its success depends on the level of deceit and whether both parties want it to work.

There are degrees of unfaithfulness and some people do change but others remain players forever. Unless you are particularly unattractive and boring and penniless there are plentiful opportunities out there. The more successful you are the more opportunities you have. That does not mean to say you should take them. Tiger Woods can buy and eat all the chocolate in Harrods but he's not going to because he values his fitness too much. In the end your fidelity rating places a barometer on how much you value your relationship and that is what makes your spouse get up and go no matter how much he/she loves you.

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