Thursday, September 16, 2010

Feel Like Killing Your Spouse?

Some people are full of rage. As The Guardian reports a man from Kentucky killed his wife and 5 others because he did not like the way she cooked his eggs. Mad definitely! Driven to it? Who knows. Were there warning signs? A neighbour is reported as saying that "he was always trouble".

How do you protect yourself in a violent relationship? If your safety is at risk leave immediately. Sadly, in all these cases it appears that there were warning signs, but people ignore them, or are too scared to act.

I know someone who resigned from his job because he could not live with the stress of worrying about being made redundant. I also know someone who left her husband and her home in her nightie in the middle of the night with nothing. Which of the above two would you say acted irrationally?

If you are in fear of your partner there are steps you can take to have your partner removed from the property. However, sometimes there simply is not time and it should be obvious that life itself is worth more than getting a better financial deal.

Lots of people put up with lots and lots of abuse. Some never report it to the Police and by the time they do it has escalated.

The advice is always the same:

Call the Police and go to the doctors to report any injuries and photograph the injuries in case you need to take civil action later.

The Police are there to help and have been told not to tolerate domestic violence.

If you have any suspicion that your partner may lose control and you cannot predict the consequences then remove yourself from the danger immediately.

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