Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The secret to a long and happy marriage!!

I met a lovely, charming American couple in Paris this week who had been married for 57 years. They had 5 adult children, and had both had sufficiently successful careers to fund their extensive European travel.

What is your secret I asked?

Tenacity... he replied.

Not worrying about the small stuff... she replied.


Not easy then.

Perhaps before throwing away a marriage people should write a list of the issues...

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Geoff said...

Hi Lynne

This is an interesting post... there are some key
issues here worthy of further thought.

I was intrigued with your statement below
the 'Divorce Solicitor' heading - perhaps you'd
like to elaborate?

Tony R, Jack C, Bob P and Les B are key
players in my life - in fact, I was trained
by one of them!

Stepping outside one's comfort zone is what
it's all about.

I do and I have. Do you?