Monday, March 11, 2013

Does Every Marriage Have Its Secrets?

The fate of Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce is to be determined by a judge today who will hand down their sentences upon their conviction for perverting the course of justice. It's likely that they will both serve a term of imprisonment.  No doubt Miss Pryce will think it's worth it as her objective according to newspaper reports was to seek revenge on him.

What does Isabelle Oakeshott, the journalist involved say of all this:

"Writing ahead of the sentencing of the couple for perverting the course of justice today, the Sunday Times political editor denied having egged on the former government economist, whom she said was still in love with her husband even as she tried to bring about his downfall. “For all her anger and desire for revenge, I was sure she still loved her husband and wanted him back,” Ms Oakeshott said."

 As reported in The Independent

 That does not take a masters in human psychology to work out. The end of love results in indifference.  If your ex were to become engaged to Pippa Middleton or Brad Pitt no qualms of envy or jealously would result.

If, by contrast you hate your ex, then clearly you are still emotionally embroiled, call it being in love, call it obsession, whatever, it is an unpleasant  emotional roller coaster for all involved. Anyone else focused on trying to destroy their ex should maybe take a step back and consider the consequences before proceeding. There are a lot of miserable people out there happy to encourage and support you in your thirst for revenge but are they true friends? What is the point of revenge? Didn't someone once say that the best revenge was to be happy? If you are concerned about what your ex is doing, earning,and need to shape up before you see them get help.  If you quiz your children for every detail on their return from staying with your ex then the first thing to do is accept that there is something wrong with your behaviour and acknowledge that it is not acceptable then seek professional help.

 As for Vicky Pryce. When will she get over him?  Probably never. Prison will just cement her hatred. He will probably come out and write a best selling book and be even more successful and will move on emotionally and financially.

The lesson here for people considering ending their marriage is to work out if your soon to be ex has anything on you and if they have tell your solicitor straightaway.  It is better to mange how it comes out and deal with the consequences before they can potentially ruin your life!


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