Sunday, March 31, 2013

What will Divorce Solicitors do now?

From tomorrow Legal Aid will be removed from most divorce applications.  Couples disputing their finances, the divorce itself and contact and residence applications for their children will no longer be able to access legal advice via public funding.

The exceptions which remain:

1. Forced marriage
2. Children being taken into care
3. Reported domestic violence - either an injunction has been sought or the police are investigating the allegations

So what will all these out of work divorce lawyers do?:

1. Care work
There has been a dramatic increase in Care Applications since the Baby P case

2. Mediate
The Government wants separating couples to mediate to sort out their differences so there should be an increase in this type of work.

3. Work 16 hours a week at Tescos and
Claim tax credits

Lots of changes ahead then.

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