Friday, March 23, 2007

The CSA and it's self professed success

The CSA claims that it has increased the number of absconding fathers it is eking money out of.

You can check out the figures for yourself on their website:


But in the past year they issued 12,900 liability orders, 13,000 non resident parents were taken to court and 23,000 were investigated by a private debt collection agency. A further 400 non resident parents were either sent to prison or given a suspended sentence

Sounds quite a lot but what is the context? A read of the executive summary of the CSA report produced by the Work and Pensions Department in December 2006 states:

1. The CSA handles 1.4 million cases

2. Of these 750 000 non resident parents are not liable.
Why not?

3. Of the remaining 650 000 only 455 000 paid either through the CSA or a voluntary arrangement.

4. That leaves 195 000 non resident parents who were found to be liable but were not paying.

The interesting statistics are;

1. Of the 195,000 non payers you know of how many are still non payers?

2. Of the 750,000 who are not liable how many is it because they have no income? How many is it because they are not the biological parent? Of this second group how many real parents have you found?

3. Does it still cost you 78 pence for every pound you collect or is it higher given the increased enforcement action?

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