Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Smoking and Divorce

I started smoking when I got divorced. This is a common behaviour and after 21 days becomes established as a habit. I also met some new single friends and the problem escalated as they all smoked too. I am a genuine social smoker, i.e. I only smoke in my local pub with my 6 smoking buddies. In July the law is due to change, people will no longer be allowed to smoke in bars, so I plan to use this as a leverage to give up. Given that I only smoke about 6 cigarettes a week, it should be easy, but it is not.

If you are going through a divorce and separation you may feel the urge to do something different. Smoking provides instant satisfaction, an air of rebellion and the illusion that it reduces your anxiety. Remember Death cigarettes? They were a big hit with the rebellious youth.

People going through divorce are looking for short term fixes and ignore the fact that smoking is ageing (I never buy the packets that say they age your skin, only the ones that say they will kill you) smoking smells horrible and is a threat to your health. You may be so distraught that the thought of shortening your life is pleasant.

How about becoming a vegetarian instead?

You will meet with universal disapproval (rebellion) grow to love beans and discover your favourite fruit (instant satisfaction) and eating healthily will actually reduce your anxiety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


kathz said...

Try fencing - get to meet new friends (and stab them). A great sport for all ages and not that expensive when you begin (cheaper than joining a gym).


Anonymous said...

But doesnt smoking make you look very uncool and messes up your skin?

When I see a girl smoking I switch off.

Anonymous said...

I agree, smoking is a turn off. However, I am trying to create empathy with my clients not chemistry!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you'll manage to quit smoking!

Anonymous said...

I have thank you. Not had one since I did that post. Am working on my friends and boyfriend now... ex smokers being the worst critics!!!!