Monday, April 02, 2007

How to give up smoking and other life changing events

I have now given up smoking for over 3 weeks. I have successfully established myself as a non smoker and scowl at people smoking in the street. I can smell it a mile off and feel sick at the thought of lighting up. How did I do it? Easy. I decided I wanted to give up. Bit early days to be so smug but time will tell.

How can this help you in your divorce?

Recognise that a lot of your behaviour is your choice. You may have to work to earn a living but the rest of the time you have control over what you do and what you think. Your wife is having an affair? Don't think about it, instead think of your best holiday ever and plan the next one. Your husband has been abusive to you for years, what about getting a dog? Seek something out that will give you pleasure rather than focus on the past and the pain it has caused you.

Recognise that no matter how bad things get you can control your reaction to events. Your life may feel totally out of your control but it is not.

Recent research has shown that people who get divorced feel happier after 2 years and do not regret their decision


That is not to suggest that all couples should divorce, merely that those who do consider that it was the right decision for them. Hopefully, this should provide some reassurance to those who are scared of what their life will be like after divorce....................better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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