Friday, July 20, 2007

Heather Mills to Get £70 million

According to newspaper reports, Heather Mills is to receive a total package from Sir Paul McCartney worth £70 million. Will she cheer up now? Probably not.

Apparently there is a gagging order included preventing either party talking about the reason for the breakdown of their marriage. Is that not a bit late? What more could possibly be revealed by the hated Heather to put Sir Paul in a bad light?

This is more money than originally expected (£30 to £40 million reputed offer) but Sir Paul is reported to have a fortune of £800 million so he can easily afford it. It's a bit like receiving a parking ticket though, just because you can afford to pay it does not make it any more palatable!!!!!!

This is the biggest divorce payout so far in this country and all rich people should take note and remain single. Not sure how the super rich get past the first question anyway, as Dame Edna said to Debbie McGhee "what initially attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels?"


Anonymous said...

Is it really the biggest divorce payout in this country? I thought Paloma Picasso was reputed to settle for half of £250m in 1999 and more recently there was someone from the Middle east who paid out even more than this. Or don't they count because they are foreign?

Orhan Kahn said...


How much is life worth to some people? The answer always depresses me.

Anonymous said...

The Picasso settlement was not confirmed and the Aga Khan succeeded in petitioning in France. Are you referring to another case?

Anonymous said...

That was Mrs Merton not Date Edna!

Anonymous said...

Whoops Dame not Date!

Anonymous said...

Can't tell them apart, and you must be psychic - my next post is going to be about dating!