Tuesday, July 10, 2007

To all you nice men at Fathers for Justice

To all you guys who have sent me mail calling me a sexist, money grabbing, corrupt, 2 bit, lesbian, moron, bitch who does not know what she is talking about - you too have a right to be wrong. However, if you wish me to post your comments please reveal yourselves - anonymous blogging is for cowards.

To Matthew O Connor - "feeding me to your membership" and sending me 9500 e mails telling me that your organisation is watching me is not flattering, an ex boyfriend told me that even he would have stopped at 1000. Neither is it intimidating, although if you advise your membership to use the same tactic on their ex partners, it is no wonder they have problems with contact with their children!!!!!


John Bolch said...

Oh dear, and I expect these same people are angry at today's news that Al-Qaeda are threatening to retaliate against Britain for giving a knighthood to Salman Rushdie. Glad you're not intimidated.

Anonymous said...

When will these f4j members realise that to get their message across they need to assert clearly what their needs are and how to get them met without resorting to bullying tactics.

Screaming is for losers.

Danny Casca said...

Danny Casca says....

To send over 100 e.mails for the purpose of intimadation is cowardly. But 9,500 is an absloute disgrace. The perpetrators should be sent to the Tower of London.

Fathers for Justice was set up to be a respected organisation, not a bunch of vagabonds.

Mr Pineapples said...

There's a law firm in the South of England - who advertised their family department on a massive bill board.

F4J had written "Scum" right across it.

I spoke to the senior partner - and he was chuffed. By his reckoning they had advertised his firm as being successful in helping wives.

Oh - how I laughed.

Orhan Kahn said...

I'm with John Bolch.

Stay strong! Good is worth fighting for. Weak men do not know this but instead sell themselves to their own wickedness. Misery loves company.

Fucking losers!

Anonymous said...

Goodness. I thought your post was good/well-balanced. I am at a loss to understand the reaction! People who resort to attempts to harass and intimidate people have lost the argument.

I have for a while regarded with suspicion the claims made by this organisation that the courts "discriminate" against them and just randomly deny them contact with their children. If this is how they behave, then it is small wonder. Furthermore, given that non-payment of child maintenance by non-resident parents is a vast social problem, as is the child poverty that results, a campaign which effectively encourages non-resident parents to refuse to pay is irresponsible in the extreme.

What a bunch of thugs.

Oliver said...

HI your blog aimed at F4J members states "if you wish me to post your comments please reveal yourselves - anonymous blogging is for cowards"
I am now reading anti F4J comments about this blog left from "anonymous" so are these people cowards too? And why do you post anonymous blogs that are anti F4J and not pro F4J, could it be that you wish to tell only one side of the story? You are obviously not treating people equally!

I think the only coward is You, lets see if you dare approve this comment?

Kind regards, Oliver Allan Stones of Bridlington East Yorkshire,
email address bigoliver@hotmail.com

Not a coward but an F4J activist

Lee Doyle said...

It makes me sad to see it is people like you I have to come to for help in me seeing my children. reading your one sided views and then only posting one comments from people who share your views just makes you look even worse in my eyes.

i pay for my kids but am unable to see them, I am a nice guy and love my kids more then you will ever know... But I am now going to stop paying for them until I get to see them as the law just all thinks like you and see's me as just a money source and the penis who created these children.

You make me sick, and so do all your supporters. if you took the time to even see the dads who fight everyday to see the children they love you would see why your words make them so angry, 9500 e-mails is nothing to the amount of hurt the dads go through everyday.

I hope you are having fun,

Lee Doyle, Bristol, BS9,

Anonymous said...

Oliver - Quite simply if someone wants to insult or abuse me personally on my blog than I require to know who they are. Anonymous commenting on the legal arguments is OK by me.

Anonymous said...

Lee Doyle,

Whilst your children are minors you are financially responsible for them and should continue to support them. Such rules produce a veneer of civilisation which separates us from animals and enables our society to function.

If your ex partner is refusing to allow you to see your children for no good reason, and you are a good dad as you claim then you should use the system to transfer residence to you. E mail me if you want some free advice.

Lee Doyle said...

I have taken some advice but as you would know even if the courts tell her to let me see my children and she does not there is not much the courts can do to force her to do it.

SO like you said about Fathers and hitting them where it hurts maybe the courts should do the same with mothers and take away there benefits... But no we cant because the children would suffer so they are in a win win situation.

I am a good dad and WANT to be a dad to my children.

Ask yourself this Lynne, If you had your children taken away from you and no court, solicitor could help you get them back what would you do?

i have used the courts and they have said I can see mine, I have spent money on Solicitors and waited a very long time now but still do not see my baby's... Can you now see why we do this? can you now see why you have pissed us "GOOD fathers off?

rich castle said...

Transfer residence!! and what hope does he have in getting this awarded to him? You really are missing the point lynn. Tell him on here from your own experiences in family law, of what chance he has, as the childrens father, in obtaining full residence of his children over mother!!

Anonymous said...

Lee Doyle,
I have offered to help you for free. If you want me to then e mail me. Meantime, keep paying your CSA assessment. Not contributing financially for your children's upbringing is a serious breakdown of parental responsibility.

Anonymous said...


you make the valid point that "Not contributing financially for your children's upbringing is a serious breakdown of parental responsibility." However, this does NOT necessarily mean that paying whatever the CSA demands is the way to fulfil this responsibility, which is what you seem to imply.

In this context, I see that another blog has just included the point I made elsewhere on your own blog about shared care, and this can be found at:

The Government is clearly aware of the injustice, but has neglected to correct it in the "Child Maintenance and Other Payments Bill" which was published on 6th June 2007.

Anonymous said...

how ironic, lee doyle is now in jail for abusing a 4 year old! that is not a GOOD dad!