Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Non paying dads list of shame!!!!

The CHILD SUPPORT AGENCY produce their list of non paying dads on their own web site in an effort to name and shame. Unfortunately, someone who refuses to pay to support their own child is probably beyond shame.

What they need to do is name and cause maximum grief and aggro. They need to publicise the list more, with photos and ages and the total debt owed.

I suggest the following:

1. Have a link to their page from all dating agency sites.

2. Produce a local list of the sad dads at the back of all football programmes, bus and train timetables.

3. Make them display a non paying dad sticker on their car which prevents them parking on any public street.

4. Make them exempt from treatment under the National Health

5. Make them exempt from receiving the State Pension.

No doubt there would be outrage, but perhaps they would pay up, and that is the aim isn't it?

Our society extends a lot of privileges and rights to its members, those who do not fulfil their obligations should have some of their privileges removed.

I remember a film I watched as a child with Yul Brynner as Tony Curtis' father and the bravery he showed for his son. My dad is my Yul Brynner and I will be eternally grateful for everything he has done for me. What on earth do these non paying dads think their children will grow up to think of them?

If anyone wants to argue this point on the basis of needing the money to fight for Contact I can show them some heartbreaking e mails from adult children (names withheld) who want me to sue their dads for never supporting them. PAY UP!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lee said...

What a load of rubbish. This is what makes me see that solicitors are a waste of time and do not know what they are talking about.

Rich castle said...

What about naming and shaming names of recalcitrant mothers who deny children access to their fathers? Lynn, child support should come as a package and dads should not be regarded simply as walking wallets.

sharron said...

i am a mother of two boys and have been left for the last 5 years to raise my sons with no financial help from my boys father, while he swans off to russia to visit his new partner and her son..!!! so i think they should be named and shamed , i also agree the same should apply to women

Anonymous said...

Maybe I am a recalcitrant mother. I am not allowing my ex to see our children as he has a huge problem with drug misuse. I can also guarantee that he's not going to pay for them. Difference with me is that I actually WANT his help, financial and emotionally to bring up the kids. I am asking him to have supervised contact but that's not enough for him. He wants to carry on getting high, not paying for the kids AND to see them on his own!!!!