Wednesday, July 04, 2007

What is a Consent Order?

This is one of the most popular search terms on this blog. Everyday there are hits relating to this. There are only 2 more popular daily searches on my blog, one of which is "What makes a man attractive?" Will enjoy doing a further post on that one later.

A Consent Order is the legal document which finalises financial matters on divorce. It is a completely separate legal procedure to the divorce itself, which is known as the main suit. A financial application in divorce is labelled Ancillary Relief.

Don't leave home without one! Remember, you can get divorced without a Consent Order but it is rare that it would be in your financial best interests to do so.

A Consent Order is necessary if you have any assets, are likely to acquire any assets in the future (such as an inheritance), have a reasonable income or have an income potential.

The Consent Order needs to be carefully drafted to cover all aspects and to ensure that the matter does not end up back in Court years later.

For a more detailed explanation of what it involves please refer to post dated Thursday August 3rd 2006 " Divorce - Consent Order". to make it easier to find I have set up a separate category.

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