Monday, October 01, 2007

Still wearing your wedding ring?

Anne Robinson, as pictured in that tabloid daily I pretend I don't read but always look at my mother's copy

is still wearing her wedding ring despite announcing that her marriage is over. Apparently Miss Robinson and her husband have reached an amicable financial settlement and have agreed to divorce.

Why wear the ring then?

Maybe because:

1. It's very nice.

2. Miss Robinson bought it.

3. Miss Robinson never takes it off and simply forgot!

4. Miss Robinson can't get it off!!!!!

5. Miss Robinson wants her husband to see her wearing it and sweep her off her feet.

6. Miss Robinson has a shortage of jewellery.

Of the above, I think 3 is the most likely and 5 the most unlikely but I have been wrong before.

I am wearing my wedding ring today.

Is it because:

1. It's very nice. (yes)

2. I bought it. (no)

3. I simply forgot. (no)

4. I can't get it off. (no)

5. I want my ex to find out and sweep me off my feet. (no, definitely not!!!)

6. I have a shortage of jewellery. (yes)

Best not to read too much into things then..........

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