Monday, October 22, 2007

What's holding you back?

The main obstacle preventing people getting and doing what they want is themselves. Often a symptom of a lack of drive is not being able to get up in the morning. The universal excuse is "I'm not a morning person".

What if I gave you a million pounds to become one? Would you get up at 6am then? What is missing is the right motivation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When people go through relationship breakdown a side effect is extreme anxiety which prevents them sleeping. Turn this into a positive force, go to bed at 10pm and rise at 6am for 3 weeks and you will be amazed at the difference in your energy levels and the improvement you feel with an increasingly positive outlook.

3 weeks is the key because this is how long it takes a behaviour pattern to become a habit.

Good luck!!!!!!....... future post what to do with all that extra time!!!!!

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Me said...

I only recently learned that 21 day rule. It is actually very true. I'm amazed how simple it can be to incoperate change into your life by forcing yourself to do it for three weeks.