Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Want more help with your divorce?

John Bolch at Family Lore has done a round up of the other family law blogs he is aware of and I'm happy to follow suit!!!!!!!!!!

Some people want to talk about their divorce non stop and want to read everything they can to help them understand the bewildering process they are going through. Just for you , I recommend the following blogs:

Family lore

This is a regular update of what is happening in family law by John Bolch. For the religious among you beware, he does not hold back on his views about how ridiculous religion is!!! He did a particularly funny post about the Muslim veil court drama!

Judith's family law blog

This is, in Judith's own words "reflections and emotions associated with divorce".

Bloody relations

The only thing I can say against the barrister who pens this blog is that she supports Arsenal, and I am a Saints fan! She knows her stuff!!! Might challenge her to a pub quiz on football though!

Pink Tape

A blog by another barrister, clever name after the tape used to bind barrister's briefs.

This blog has been targeted by commentators seeking to overhaul the Family Justice System!

If you still crave more try reading Harry Potter - very diverting!!!!!

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