Friday, March 14, 2008

How to have a nice day!

Thank God It's Friday!

Last Friday I had a fantastic time. I met up with one of my dear friends from America who came over to London to celebrate surviving cancer. I don't know when I will see her again but last Friday was one of my top ten days!

Today my 5 year old son jumped out of bed excited because it is fish and chip day at school and his friend Alex is coming over for a sleepover and a pizza tonight. He said to me - 2 of my favourite meals and 1 of my best friends all on the same day - yippee!

Whatever stage you are at in your divorce try to give yourself a break from the stress and the anxiety. How?

1. Plan something you want to do - meet up with an old friend, revisit somewhere you feel relaxed, or go somewhere new!

2. Do not stay home alone on Friday or Saturday night. If you have no friends you can call, a lot of people tend to socialise only with couples when they are in a couple and then they are isolated when they are on their own, drag out old address books - there must be someone you can call on. Make new friends at work. If all else fails get a job in a bar - they are always looking for weekend staff.

3. Give yourself a mini treat every 3 hours. My sister gave me this gem when I was 16 and it really works. Latte? Cake? Newspaper? Text? Browse the internet for shoes? It helps your concentration, makes you feel in control of your time and gives you a boost.

4. Allocate worry time. I choose 11.30pm by which time I am usually too tired to really focus so the worrying gets left to the next day!

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