Monday, March 10, 2008

No cohabitation rights in England then?

It has been widely reported that the Government has decided to put on hold its decision whether to introduce rights for cohabiting couples.


According to the Daily Mail they want to assess the cost first. They are looking into the effectiveness of the scheme introduced in Scotland last year. Cynics are arguing that the Government is really concerned over the potential hit on the Legal Aid Budget. Why is cost not a relevant consideration? Surely they have learnt a lesson from the Child Support Agency? This was supposed to reduce child poverty and instead the costs of collection rose exponentially.

They were planning to allow a get out clause in any event. Just how many women would this new law have helped?

Prominent family lawyers are advising rich men not to marry and live in this country. What would their advice have been if a cohabitation law had come into force? Don't live with anyone? I know someone who was engaged for over a decade and she thought both parties were still living with their parents. It turned out her fiancee was living with his wife. What of her relationship disadvantage? She had a successful career and avoided entering the property market at a time of boom whilst she waited for her man to commit. Fool you might say, but isn't that what love does to us all?

No system is fair to everyone - I feel that the Hamble Car Park Committee are about to reach a similar impasse.

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