Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ready to give in?

Sometimes divorce can become overwhelming and some going through acrimonious divorces tend to use their lawyers more as counsellors. This is better than feeling isolated and deciding that life is no longer worth living.

I am not a trained counsellor and through the years have come across some people whose position appears so desperate to them that suicide is the preferred option. Is it a coincidence that the Samaritans office is directly opposite Southampton County Court?

What to do when you reach that pit of despair and the future holds no hope?

I wish I had a simple answer. Normally what binds one to this planet are the people one loves. Empathy for one's children and their pain at one's loss may not be enough for the most inconsolable.

Pulling oneself out of that black hole of despair into a nothingness of a future may not seem worth the effort...........but how do you know your future will be bleak? How do you know there's no more joy ahead for you? How do you know you won't one day love another so desperately that the thought of their death is like a dagger through your heart? How do you know that you won't serve a purpose to another human soul, the gift of their gratitude excelling any feeling of self worth you ever threw away before?

Find a purpose. Find a link. Humans are like spiders' webs. We need to be bound together. Remove yourself from isolation and try venturing out into the world? What have you got to lose? Regard it as delaying your suicide plans.............and the song is wrong.......... Suicide is not painless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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