Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Contact

Want to take the kids skiing for Christmas but your ex partner won't let you?

What's the normal Christmas contact that a Court would order?

Alternate Christmas, Easter and New Year each year between parents.

A typical Order will have the handover at 2pm on Christmas Day, alternating each year, so that one year mum has Christmas Eve and the present opening and the next year dad does. An alternative is to have the whole day one year and miss it completely the next.

In respect of holidays, they should be regarded as great opportunities for your children to see the world. Some dads will pay £10 000 to take their children to the Caribbean for Xmas but nothing for food and maintenance throughout the year. Horrendous behaviour and the bain of the Child Support Agency (renamed Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission) but depriving children of such a fantastic experience will not solve the maintenance issue.

As your children get older, they will have a say. This can be more effective than going to Court, mum not letting the kids go to Disneyworld with dad is something that mum will have to explain to the kids herself. Most parents, no matter how much they hate their ex spouse will be unable to be so mean to their own children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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