Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Place of Sanctury

Ruth Kelly has announced that she is keen to introduce rooms of sanctuary in the homes of battered women who no longer live with their abusive ex partners.

The rooms will contain Closed Circuit TV cameras, alarms, reinforced doors and windows, security lights, smoke alarms. For anyone who seeks to renew their household insurance all of the above are normal requirements apart from the CCTV cameras. So nothing new there. This Government is good at making announcements which sound like great new initiatives when in fact they are based on simple common sense. The scheme will be the responsibility of the Local Councils so no doubt they will be responsible for funding it too. I bet they're pleased. Has anyone calculated the likely cost? Is there a budget? Say 10 houses per 1000 households? Or, is it another open ended commitment like the access to justice for anyone visiting our country and claiming asylum?

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