Monday, December 11, 2006

The Ozone Layer is Broken

Going through separation and divorce is a time of huge stress. Anxiety levels can soar and people become paralysed with fear of the future.

A way of dealing with these anxieties is to separate them into micro and macro worries.

Macro worries

These concern our world such as global warming, increasing crime rates, lack of N.H.S. dentists, the IRAQ war etc. When a person is anxious, such matters which are outside their control can affect them more deeply. You can read about the death of a teenager in a car accident and burst into tears. Recognise that you are emotionally vulnerable and avoid watching the news etc.

Micro worries

These are your own concerns. Credit card bills, noisy neighbours. work commitments, childcare issues and the overload - your divorce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Try to separate your concerns into those you can solve and those that are out of your hands. Worrying about what type of order a judge may make is simply that, worry. There are certain administrative things you are required to provide in your divorce, try to deal with these boring tasks as soon as possible. Then attempt the impossible -forget about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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