Monday, June 11, 2007

Divorce resource?

I have been contacted by Ian Rispin, a man going through divorce who has felt the need to set up a divorce information website wikivorce which he describes as the:

"first social/networking community website in the UK"

Not sure what that means exactly, but I would opinion that most people only want to talk about their own divorce. However, he has done a lot of research and there are some useful links.

Mr Rispin feels that most people going through divorce struggle to understand the law, and the process. Dare I suggest that's what a solicitor is for? It's a bit like doing your own conveyancing or learning to drive a formula one car or play golf. Knowing how to do it and being able to do it are two different things..................................


Ian Rispin said...


Thankyou very much for mentioning Wikivorce in your excellent blog. I was interested in your comments and thought I might clarify what Wikivorce is aiming to do. Let me start by saying that Wikivorce is not a replacement for solicitors. Wikivorce is a place you can learn, share and make friends. It is a community of people going through divorce (or recently divorced) who support each other during a very challenging stage in their lives. In fact I believe that Wikivorce can complement the work of solicitors by providing its members with emotional support, but also basic information on the divorce process. This should enable them to work more effectively with their solicitor, to achieve wherever possible an amicable, negotiated out of court settlement.
Divorce is a lonely place, and its not always easy to discuss it with friends or family. Do people want to share their experience of divorce? The resounding answer is yes! Our chat rooms are busy most evenings from 9pm til 2am; on average one new divorce blog is started every day, and we now have the busiest divorce forum in the UK. Anyone whose life has been impacted by divorce is welcome to join us (and that includes solicitors!)

Anonymous said...

Your mission statement sounds extremely admirable and I wish you every success.