Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Importance of a clean break!

If ever you have a chance to buy out a nominal maintenance order or need to litigate to get rid of one, this article in THE TIMES should be a warning to all you men out there to make sure you get a clean break!!!!!!

In summary, a couple divorced nearly 3 decades ago, and she received a financial settlement. However, their financial situations hit divergent paths, he became wealthy and she became poor. A Judge has ordered him to pay her over £200,000.00 and he has appealed. We await the Court of Appeal's judgement with interest.

It is important to remember that in English Matrimonial Law the Judge has a wide discretion to interpret the statutes and case law to arrive at what he/she deems a FAIR OUTCOME.

Best to remove the possibility of a Judge deciding what is fair for you in future!

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